Restoration Process

Knock Down

During this phase, the vehicle is completely disassembled, all the parts are sorted and inspected.  Every part that cannot be restored will be replaced with new OEM or corresponding part.



The engine will receive a new carburetor, ignition system, all new pumps, seals and gaskets are replaced. Vital engine components such as pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, and camshaft are inspected, if the parts are not within factory specifications they are replaced with new parts. After reassembly of the engine, new decals are installed so they look just like they did when they rolled off the assembly line 25+ years ago.


Differentials, transfer case, and gearbox

The differentials, transfer case, and gearbox are fully disassembled.  All the seals and bearings are replaced with new OEM parts.  Differential housings are sand blasted and powder coated offering protection for many years to come. FJ customers have the choice to upgrade to a 5 speed H55F gearbox.  Our LR enthusiasts can choose a series 3 fully synchronized gearbox with a Global Roamer Overdrive to improve drivability.



The brakes receive a complete restoration; brake lines, brake shoes, pads, cylinders, master cylinder are replaced with OEM parts. All our 2017 FJ are upgraded with front disc brakes to improve braking power and safety on and off the road.


Suspension and Steering

Suspension and steering are vital parts. During our restoration, leaf springs, bushings, tie rods, shock absorbers, shackles, are replaced with new parts that exceed factory standards. Customers have the option go with a 2” lift kit or keep the original ride height.


Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is built from the ground up. All the connectors, wires, relays are replaced and laid down using factory diagrams. LRs system is upgraded adding circuits, to improve reliability and protection.


Paint and Bodywork

Every part of the vehicle is stripped down to the bare metal. Chassis, differential housings, skid plates, brake drums, and over 100 parts are powder coated. The body receives an anti-corrosive initial coat. Afterwards, the complete body is sprayed with the catalyzing primer.  The interior is painted using a polyurethane enamel.  The undercarriage of the body is sprayed with body shoot before applying the polyurethane enamel.  The exterior of the body is painted in a two-coat process over the primer, first a base coat (color) in polyester finished with polyurethane clear coat.


Zinc Plating

ll the hardware of our FJs and LRs is zinc plated or anodized to offer additional protection. Any nut or bolt that is stripped in any way is replaced with a brand-new OEM equivalent part.



Our interiors are fabricated by skilled craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, paying close attention to detail. Whether you choose to go for one of our FJs or LRs, you will have an interior faithful to your vehicle of choice. LRs and FJs seats will have new foam and covers using factory correct materials and colors. Our FJ´s floor mats, carpets, and dash pads are replaced with brand new OEM spec parts. The interior is fully customizable, you can choose to add AC/heater (heater only for LR), premium sound system, seat heaters, leather seats, possibilities are endless!



This is the final phase, where all comes together: complete body is reassembled; body is married with the chassis; new OEM accessories, lights, decals, weather stripping and body seals are installed. During the process gaps and tolerances are carefully monitored to make sure everything is within factory specifications. 

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