Our Story

The most beautiful 4x4s ever built in the world.

Relik Garage, is an automotive restorer, which sources, restores, imports and commercializes vintage 4x4s and hard to find parts. Relik Garage was founded in 2014 by a group of vehicle enthusiasts, who have restored and collected classic automobiles for over 20 years.

The company was born in response to their love for the Toyota Land Cruisers. For the past decade, vintage 4x4s have captured the attention of automobile collectors and the demand for high quality pieces is higher than ever. Toyota FJ43s and its different variants is one of the most desirable vintage 4x4s in the world. Very lim ited information on the Medium Wheel Base FJ43 (BJ43) model, is available, such is the case that many deny its existence. The MWB FJ/BJ43 are 14 inches longer than standard the FJ40, making for a better ride and cargo space.

At Relik Garage we perform complete restorations to bring our Land Cruisers to like new conditions. The tasks we perform include but are not limited to mechanical repair, body and paint restoration including rust repair, electrical repair, full engine overhauling, upholstery repair and refurbishing, and metal part fabrication. With a dedicated workshop with technicians having over 30 years of experience working at the Toyota assembly line in Colombia, all the proper tools, and OEM Toyota parts Relik Garage is capable of restoring FJs to better than new conditions. Taking advantage of exchange rate differentials, competitive wages, and the capacity to restore parts to "as new" conditions allows us to keep operational costs down which will be reflected on the price our customers pay for our Land Cruisers. ​