• Period correct 6.50x16 tires
  • Nut and bolt Restoration
  • Power steering 
  • Electronic ignition 
  • Mansfield Heater
  • Exmoor Trim Canvas Top
  • Series 3 synchronized gearbox 


Happy customers come back, that is exactly how this commissioned project began.  The client who purchased the 1968 Series 2A Santana wanted to have another identical LR but in a different color.  After scouting for over a month for the perfect donor, we came across this 1961 Santana.  The story of the 1961 Santana is one that we see frequently, people passionately starting a restoration project and then abandoning it when they are astonished by the amount of work that goes into completing it.  We saw the potential on the Santana, an original chassis 100% rust free, matching numbers engine, and decided to give it a second chance.  Rather than trying to fix or complete a failed restoration, the decision to start from scratch was made.  The vehicle is under our full frame off restoration process in which no expense is  spared. 

Paint and body work:

  • Chassis, axles, and miscellaneous body parts sandblasted and repainted
  • Complete body paint using 3 stage paint process


Mechanical work:

  • Overhauled engine
  • New valve seals
  • Complete engine gaskets
  • New oil pump
  • New gas pump
  • New water pump
  • Overhauled Solex carburetor
  • New ignition coil
  • New OEM Lucas point and condenser
  • New OEM spark plug wires
  • New OEM spark plugs
  • Completely new wiring harness
  • New OEM radiator
  • New OEM radiator cap
  • New radiator houses
  • New fuel lines
  • New engine belts
  • New clutch
  • New OEM clutch master cylinder
  • New OEM clutch slave cylinder
  • Rectified brake drums
  • New brake master and slave cylinders
  • Upgraded brake booster
  • New brake lines
  • New brake shoes
  • New steering terminals
  • New powersteering system
  • Overhauled Series 3 fully synchronized gearbox
  • Overhauled transfercase and transmissions
  • Fresh fluids including lubricants and hydraulic fluids
  • New oil, gas, and air filters
  • New exhaust system



  • Serviced OEM Lucas wiper motors
  • New OEM door locks
  • New OEM door handles
  • New OEM gearbox, four wheel drive, and low range shift knobs
  • NEW OEM Lucas ignition switch
  • Electronic ignition
  • Complete set of OEM (glass) exterior lights
  • Restored instrument cluster
  • Restored Steering wheel
  • Restored Magna-Tex turn signal switch
  • Reupholstered seats
  • Exmoor trim Canvas Soft top



  • 5 period correct 6.50x16