Vehicle Highlights

2F 4.2 litre inline 6
  • Medium Wheelbase
  • H55 5 speed transmission
  • 15” Sport Rims
  • 464 Dune Beige
  • 100% rust free body and frame
  • Fivres Hardtop
  • Production end year model
  • Luxury dashboard
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Vintage Air A/C Heater unit
  • Premium Sound System
  • Truck-Lite LED Headlamps
  • Custom Rollbar



1984 was a year full of memorable events; the summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, Space Shuttle Discovery was launched for its maiden flight, Michael Jackson’s Thriller album sold more than 37 million copies, Ronald Regan won the presidential race for his second term, Ghostbusters hits the big screen...sadly, it was also the year the last Land Cruiser J4x rolled out the assembly line in Nagoya Japan.

Being a 1984 and an FJ43, this will be one of the rarest Cruisers to hit American soil. It spend its life in rural areas of coffee country carrying produce down from the farms to the local market in Salento. This Cruiser was a true work-horse, but its original owner valued it as a family member, taking excellent care of it, since it was a very important income source for the family. All the numbers match, and the chassis was straight as an arrow, with no repairs or welds to it. When we came across it we had to buy it, it is very hard to come across '84 Cruisers, not to say a 1984 FJ43.

This build was commissioned by one of our customers who after having sold a 1983 FJ40, over ten years ago was seeking to build his dream Cruiser. We have worked with him throughout the process, sourcing the perfect donor, capturing all that he wants to incorporate to his Cruiser, designing it, and currently we are completing a full frame off nut and boltrestoration to his specifications. With our money back guarantee program, customers that commission a Cruiser to us are protected, if you don't like the end product you get a full refund of your money. He designed to add modern creature comforts to improve its drivability such as the Toyota H55F 5 speed gearbox, Vintage Air A/C Heater, Fivres hardtop, Premium JL Audio sound system, plus much more.

Work Done

Painting and Metalwork:

  • Sandblasted chassis and axle housings
  • Electrostatic paint for chassis, transmission housings, drive shafts, rear drums, under-body protections, leaf springs, starter, air filter housing, brake booster, license plate brackets, leaf springs, and other miscellaneous parts
  • Complete body paint using two coat process with clear coat and bodyshoot for under-body protection using Toyota Dune Beige 464
  • Complete bodywork replacing damaged panels
  • Restored Fivres fiberglass hardtop
  • Complete re-zinc plated hardware
  • Refurbished front and rear license plate holders
  • New rear step and bumperettes
  • New front bumper

Mechanical Work:

  • Overhauled 2f numbers matching engine using OEM parts
  • Overhauled Aysin carburetor
  • New OEM spark plugs and wires
  • New coil
  • Full tune up including new air, gas, and oil filters
  • Fresh gearbox, transmission, transfercase, and engine oil
  • New OEM radiator and radiator cap
  • New cooling system hoses
  • New fuel lines
  • New oil, water, and fuel pumps
  • New belts
  • Overhauled H55 5 speed gearbox and transfer-case
  • Overhauled transmissions
  • New clutch disc and bearing
  • New clutch master and slave cylinder
  • New driveshaft yokes and joints
  • New axle bearings
  • New AVM front lock hubs
  • New OEM steering terminals
  • New brake lines
  • New brake pump and booster and new brake cylinders
  • Nectified rear brake drums
  • New rear drums shoes
  • New front disc rotors
  • New front brake pads
  • New 2" lift leaf spring shackles
  • New shock absorber
  • New polyurethane suspension bushings
  • Re-curved leaf springs
  • New wiring using correct Toyota diagrams
  • All new weather stripping and sealing
  • New exhaust system
  • New OEM gas cap
  • New battery

Accessories and Interior:

  • New Truck-lite Headlamp
  • New OEM turn signals, stop lights, interior light, and side markers
  • New OEM emblems and decals
  • New interior with new carpets and door panels
  • New exterior and interior mirrors
  • New sun visors
  • New OEM transfecase and shift knob
  • New OEM shifting instruction decal
  • New OEM interior courtesy light
  • Reupholstered front and rear seats
  • New vintage air a/c heater unit
  • Front and rear seatbelts
  • Restored speedometer and dash unit
  • New OEM spec soft top including new bows and frame
  • New OEM Toyota tool bag with tools
  • Reprinted owner’s manual

Wheels and Tires:

  • Refurbished Toyota 15" spoke wheels (5)
  • New BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (5)